Hopeful Cosmos

Help fill the sky with wishes

Image by Sergei Solo

See what the world is wishing for.

Venture into a hopeful cosmos

Explore the stars and see what the world is wishing for. With Hopeful Cosmos you can see what visitors to our site are wishing for along with the name of their star and where that wish came from. Help us fill the night sky! 



Click on a wish in the above section and see what others are wishing for

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See your wish be added to the screen for others to see.

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Enter you wish in the form located at the bottom center.

About Us

What if you could see and explore what the world is wishing for? That's what Anthony had in mind with this web app. Before, the concept started with a wishing well where people could pull random wishes from a pile of wishes and see what the wish was. Anthony then came back to the group and suggest we go with wishing upon a star. If we weren't already sold on the idea, we definitely were now. 

We felt comfortable with the idea because it was something that could start off simple and expand upon. We could add location to the web app to know where the wish came from. We thought about adding a funding feature similar to GofundMe say if the wish was for a cause or fundraising an idea the wish had.

We felt this project could demonstrate our interest in the fields we look to pursue after Holberton. Anthony with back-end development, Mohameth with front-end, and Ty with dev-ops. We hope to contribute to this project in the future and continue to experiment with new ides. We want people who visit our web app to come with the same level of curiosity and exploration as we did when developing this app when they're adding their star to the night sky.



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